This is quite a special bargain for the right buyer.


We have a fully useable yet faulty Om-2 body in black, the fault is with auto mode, which does not work correctly, however the meter responds well and the shutter speeds all fire well in manual mode, in other words this body can only be used in fully manual but that's the best way to use it! Good cosmetic condition.


The 35mm f2 zuiko lens is quite a sought after lens however this example has some fungus around the outside edges of the inner elements, I have tried to show this in the pictures. It could possibly be cleaned and is not in the center of the lens. It will still take great photos as it is, other than these marks the lens is in excellent cosmetic condition with smooth focus, snappy iris and free from scratches.


This set up has been priced at approximately 50% of its market value and would make a great camera for anyone who understands and could live with these faults or possibly be able to repair them. It is quite capable of great photos as it is.


*14 day warranty for any faults not mentioned above*

Olympus Om-2 with 35mm Zuiko F2

SKU: SC00001