Likewise is formulated by a selection of photographs depicting some captivating dispositions of various females. Over the years I have conducted studies circulating themes of voyeurism and sexual objectification and this project could be described as a visual by product that subtly paws at those concepts. It intends to poetically portray women as subjects rather than objects by maintaining an appreciation for beauty using a mildly voyeuristic yet empathetic method. To some extent it explores some of the adversities of being female from a male perspective which in turn transmits similarities within the two genders. It does so by ironically symbolizing some of the stigmas surrounding gender equality alongside situations and behaviors of compelling emotive significance. It seems Likewise echoes implicit ideas of emancipation in an intimate fashion that is reflective of both personal and social egalitarianism. 

It is noteworthy that the body of work was never intentionally planned to be delivered in this way and has been accumulated from the single desire to document women with or without consent publicly. This was in order to experiment with the transgression between privacy and acceptable voyeuristic behavior. It was also significant for me to express non-nude natural beauty to discourage and distract the viewer from the act of objectification yet hint at its relevance and impact on the human psyche. Some of the photographs were the catalyst to this idea developing as the images have been captured across 11 months. The final selections are moments of pure and emblematic relation that had been purposefully sought with articulate intention. Any questions surrounding the subjects’ awareness of my presence are seemingly irrelevant as the practice was exercised with respect and admiration absent of any cause for distress. The selected photographs encompass six different individuals of which three I know well, one I met once and two are strangers. Conclusively they conceptually mirror a self-scrutiny of misogynistic attitudes by flaunting themes of intimacy, infatuation, partnership and liberation. 

The frames are hand drawn mounts 16"x 20" and these pieces are for sale, two are already sold.